5 Key Reasons Why Product Management is important in Software Industry in 2021

5 Key Reasons Why Product Management is important in Software Industry in 2021

Do you wonder why you should have product management in your Software Company? You are at the right place. The importance of product management cannot be overlooked in any development company.

Mostly, the developers of the industry are technical experts. So they got rare chances and time to interact with actual clients.

Here they ping the product management team. They act as bridges to cover communication gaps between developer and client. The more you understand the needs of the customer, the more you will be successful.

From this article, you will get everything you need to know about the role of a product manager in the software industry. Moreover, you will get a better understanding of the connection between Pm and software developers.

What is a product management system?

Product management is the organization in the business that is responsible for the success of the product.

They set the roadmap to bring products to the life that clients demand. Moreover, product managers implement the ideas of the product management team.

A product manager positions and pitches new ideas and feature development. By conducting research, he documents the pain points of the market that must be adapted to rank the product.

They work with engineers and design teams to develop the product that meets standards and compliance. The team gathers information with market trends to determine how the product should function.

Furthermore, they make sure that every product stands out for the needs of the customers. By testing the product via various experiments, PM makes sure that it has no drawbacks and gives better results than before.

Importance of product management in the software industry

Great products are the backbone of every technology company. The world is rapidly moving towards the product-enabled services model.

Within the current Saas landscape, whether it is a large company like Google and Microsoft or beginners like the urban cap, they cannot emphasize the role of product management.

Product managers are the key figures to ensure that the experts are developing something that customers want.  Moreover, they execute the product roadmaps to stay one step ahead and keep the team up to date.

Nowadays, companies have to innovate the product space to remain relevant in the competitive technology market.

However, product development requires constant feedback, which is only possible with the help of product management.  That is why product management is important for the success of the product.

Why product management is important in the software industry

The product management department plays a significant role in the successful development of software.

Primarily, they act as a bridge between software developers and their customers. Here are 5 key reasons why the software industry cannot overlook the importance of the product management department.

  1. Figure out customer’s requirement
  2. Develop a requisite business model
  3. Skilling Strategy
  4. Product roadmap creation
  5. Timely support service

Let’s move to them

Figure out customer’s requirement

Understanding the needs of the customer is the key to success. It is essential to figure out what customers want and think one step ahead of it.

In that perspective, when you develop a product, you must have a thorough knowledge of the market and the changing needs of the customer. Well, it happens more often nowadays.

Product management teams strive to figure out the consumer’s demand. A product manager interacts with the customer daily and tries to catch the new one. Moreover, they keep an eye on the market demands to develop a better product.

They document the pain points and forward them to the development team. So, software developers understand precisely what they have to make.

Deep involvement with the clients makes the product manager able to deliver timely feedback to customers.  However, this information bridge between developers and clients is the way to success.

Develop a requisite business model

A solid and effective strategy is an important element for ensuring success in the competitive market of technology. Do you know why even the right product fails in the market? It happens because of ineffective marketing. 

Here comes the role of product management. They record the customer feedback and craft an effective strategy for marketing with the proper positioning to ensure success.

Moreover, a product manager also helps create a suitable business model for getting a good return or revenue throughout the product life cycle.

Skilling strategy

Product management helps to plan the right strategy for sales and the product team to drive demand for the product.

As the customer needs change with time, the company crafts the strategy after analyzing the customer’s needs with the help of the product manager.

Adaptation is necessary for success. However, if you stay the same, it will make your software typical for the customer, and ultimately it will vanish from the market.

Here, the product management brings the game on by keeping the developer updated about the changing trends. The product managers can also give crucial inputs to the future skill set that can help in strategizing and hiring.

Product roadmap creation

Planning the process never hurts. Therefore, every software company should have clear and effective roadmaps to stay aligned on the lengthy process.

A road map is a visual representation of the development process. Moreover, it keeps the team stays updated throughout the process.

You can understand the importance of product management as they plan the road to a successful product. Product managers help devise precise blueprints to determine the financial plan for research and development.

Timely support service

Time support is essential to ensure the success of software. Here you can understand the importance of product management. They take timely feedback from the customers and report it to the development department.

This stance leads to a vibrant support environment for the client with early resolution of the problem. It leaves a good impression of the company and ensures customer retention. Moreover, a satisfied customer refers the company to other clients, leading to more business opportunities for the firm.

The importance of product management cannot be overlooked nowadays because they stay close to the market and understand sales, production, and customers. They can help you as a game-changer and ensure the success of the product.

Duty of product manager in the software industry

A product manager in the software industry acts as a strategist and visionary. Moreover, they are responsible for connecting business strategy and the problems and demands of clients. Here are some significant roles that a product manager plays in a Software Company to make a product ideal.

4 main duties of a product manager in a software company:

  1. Create and bring the ideas
  2. Strategy
  3. Release
  4. Features

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Create and bring the ideas

Brainstorming is part of the life of a product manager. They need to make a creative process that helps them generate, develop and implement innovative ideas.

They should determine the concept that should be worked on to promote the company’s strategy.


A product manager is responsible for setting strategic direction. He creates a roadmap and follows all stages of product development to reach the goal.

At the same time, he also provides flexibility to members to find their ways to meet the objectives.

Strategic direction may involve the draft of a financial plan and significant areas of investment. So you can understand which part needs more investment and time.  It shows the importance of product management in the industry as well as the success of the product.


It is an important part of PM’s Responsibility in software to hold on to the timeline for implementation and delivery schedule.


The product manager compares and contrasts the possible features of the software and rank and prioritizes them to meet strategic goals.

Moreover, based on customer feedback, stakeholders’ preferences, and software requirements, they define the software’s best feature.

The duty of product management does not end here in the field of the software industry. They have to oversee and manage the product life cycle completely.

Moreover, they work with the market research and management team to work on the discovery phase and collaborate with product owners to bring new ideas. They carry the burden of many valuable tasks to ensure success.

Is the Product Manager and Product Owner the same in the software industry?

Whether a team is working correctly, but they can spill the water when it comes to what a product manager does?

When they are working on a scrum, they also need a product owner. The role of both posts is different, but at some point, they can overlap their duties.

The product manager creates road maps and defines the direction of the product. Moreover, he set vision, strategy, and prioritization.

On the other hand, the product owner works more closely with the development team to execute the company’s goals. However, their roles are different, but both have equal importance and impact.

A product manager deals with outside stakeholders define the product’s vision and outlines what success looks like. In addition, he owns the vision, marketing and works on a conceptual level.

On the other hand, a product owner deals with internal stakeholders, helps the teamwork on a shared vision, and drafts the plan for achieving the goal. Moreover, he owns teams’ backlog and involves day-to-day activities.


The importance of product management is something that no one can ignore. They play close to the market and understand the requirements of the time and upcoming trends. In the software industry, they act as a bridge between the development team and the client.

To sum up, I would suggest acknowledging the product management importance and role. Emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many more are digging roads to our lives. Likewise, it will increase the demand of the product management to record customer feedback and ensure success.

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