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5 Ways how to know if your product idea is a winner

Ever worried before launching the product if it is a product winner idea or not? Thousands of new products launch in the market every month. But, only a few of them touch the line of success.

Coming up with ideas is easy. But, coming up with good business ideas is difficult. It is even more challenging to choose the best idea from the pile of suggestions. However, following a systematic approach can make your production journey smooth and goal-oriented and ensure success.

From this article, you will learn to check if you can compete in the market or not. Here are 5 ways to ensure a product winner’s idea.   

Same idea but different style and process

Not every new or distinct idea needs to bring success. Some fruitful organizations depend on an old thought, rethought. Here you can take the example of “Men in Kilts,” a unique window washing and outside cleaning establishment situated in Vancouver, Canada.

Except that here is another example of “Nicholas Brand.” he established the organization in 2010, put his business aside from contenders by infusing a bit of humor into his plan of action. In contrast to most window washers, Brand’s laborers climb their leaders and set to scrubbing in kilts; those long, plaid skirts are most famous as the leg-covering of decision for bagpipers.

As you know, this unique business system gets a great deal of consideration from clients and people in general.

It’s fundable 

For technoid individuals who do not hesitate to put their thoughts out there for others to pass judgment, a simple method is to test the product winner idea “run a crowdfunding effort.”

Here you can consider the example of Mindy Gödel. She is U.S. head of advertising at Pozible, an Australia-based publicly supporting stage, appearing to concur with Hurwitz. She clarified how crowdfunding efforts could decide if a business thought is a victor in an email.

Godel said that Pozible uses a straightforward guideline to measure the achievement of activities (counting organizations) launched through the site: the 20/48 standard.

Moreover, if the project successfully reaches 20% of its fundraising objective in the initial 48 hours, Godel said, it will probably achieve its fundraising objective.

On the other hand, if your business idea does not meet the criteria of crowdfunding and it doesn’t succeed, that doesn’t mean it is an epic flop. You may need to reexamine how you are moving toward investors and customers and how you can improve for some time later.

Customer acquisition costs are crucial to success.

You have seen it previously: good products that launch with a bang afterward couldn’t accomplish sufficient footing to make the plan work out. Numerous business visionaries do not completely see how they will secure clients and how many will eventually cost to acquire.

The dependable guideline is essential: A client’s securing cost should be fundamentally not exactly their lifetime value. However, some entrepreneurs go blindly for the product without considering these matrices. Luckily, there are reasonable and straightforward trials that you can use to test acquisition costs.

Before we had composed any line of code on our website, we set up a presentation page. This simple site was intended to test whether anybody was looking for programming like our own. Moreover, to realize whether the information we had characterized reverberated with our intended interest group.

We then, at that point, directed people to the greeting page utilizing Google Ad words and LinkedIn Ads. We designated product managers with keywords that they may use to look for an answer like our own. When they went to our presentation page, they were provoked to pursue an early form of our item.

The analysis was a triumph since we learned a lot about acquisition cost. Moreover, the amount it cost to carry somebody to our site, the click-through rate on advertising, which level of individuals pursued more data, and then some.

Through this interaction, we could generally appraise the change rates and secure costs for each progression of the business channel. Maybe more significantly, these possibilities gave their contact data. At that point, we connected with them to have further conversations about the issue, product features, and value. It was a goldmine of data, and we got it with a minimum budget.

People you do not know approve of your idea

One basic approach to seeing whether it is a product winner idea is to ask people their opinions. Specifically, you can ask the people you don’t know if they think it is a good idea or not. Here is a very famous saying in the business world: “every idea should be tested in the court of the public.”

Are you looking for some basic ideas to contact the public? Contact friends of friends to hear honest thoughts about your item or administration. Or, on the other hand, make a review on the web or paper and request a reach from individuals to participate, from coffeehouse patrons to individuals you pass in the city.

Here you can take the example of Sam Bruce. He is a prime supporter of Much Better Adventures. It is a travel organization that sets ski enthusiasts with suitable chalets for their expertise levels and financial plans, utilizing the last strategy when choosing if he ought to continue with his business idea or not.

According to him, at the point when they came up with the idea of a travel start-up, they went directly to Trafalgar Square in London with a mock and asked 100 people whether they should implement this idea or not. If yes, then why? When 98 individuals said they would, they chose to take the plunge to save them time.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

Sometimes one should take risks in life to achieve something. we believe that business visionaries should hop off the bluff. This implies that you should launch as right on time and as early as possible, particularly for programming items.

Here you can look at the saying of Reid Hoffman. He is the author of LinkedIn, broadly said, “In case you are not humiliated by the prototype of your product, you have launched the product too late.”

we do not mean that you do not have an extraordinary first-time client experience. Usually, customers do not allow you a subsequent opportunity if your item does not work for the first time. Yet, if you care for a sufficiently large issue, clients will excuse you if the experience is not great.

With programming items specifically, it is feasible to launch early with an insignificant list of features if the item offers sufficient benefit. On the other hand, if modest clients are willing to pay, it is sufficient, and you can improve over time.

Early launching gives you no better method to decide whether you are on the right track. Such business visionaries sit around by attempting to think about each situation, please every client, and guarantee each component is incorporated.

For instance, a business person was energetic about launching another portable application he was sure would be mainstream. He went through months idealizing it. He spent thousands of dollars on portable designers.

Moreover, he ultimately required out a second home loan on his home to put the final details on the application before launching. When he at long last launched, he was stunned he had scarcely any downloads. It was a miserable, costly experience.

Business visionaries need to invest a greater amount of their energy at the front end. Moreover, in finding the issues on the lookout and approving whether somebody will purchase the item or not before they assemble and dispatch. On the off chance that you work hard at this front end, the structure and launching the item become so much easier. You are additionally acquiring proof for expected financial backers.

It is impossible to know with conviction whether you will be successful deliberately. However, by utilizing these strategies and launching early, you can immensely increase your chances.

Key measurements of product success

Even those who look beyond revenue can fall into the traps of measurement. There is an issue of having too little information. But, sometimes, too much data can also cause problems. We have lined up five key measurements to ensure a product winner idea to make your measurement easy.

  • The breadth of use: choose the most meaningful indicators of the breadth of your business, like total user or active user.
  • Frequency of use: measure login and session attending frequency to measure success.
  • Depth of use: understanding how many features are used is key to success and product winner ideas.
  • Frequency: the key to retaining customers is usability. The ultimate goal of a product is the ability to use it efficiently, correctly, and quickly.
  • Satisfaction: your customer saying is as important as users’ behavior.


Determining a product winner idea is indeed a challenging task. But, if you are passionate about success, you can find a way in darkness. However, you can ensure success by using a systematic approach and considering some key criteria of the winning idea.

However, success is never committed. If you do not get expected results at the first launch, you can achieve it with some improvements and alterations with the help of customer feedback.

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