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How To Become An Associate Product Manager? A Complete Guide 2021

Are you planning on becoming a product manager but don’t know where to start? Well, maybe an associate product manager can become your gateway to your product manager career.

With the increasing demand for an associate product manager, this position is becoming more and more important.

An associate product manager is a great opportunity to learn all that is needed to become a product manager and have the first-hand experience in this field. Here we are to tell you all about how to become an associate product manager.

This guide covers all aspects of becoming an associate product manager, along with their job description, roles and responsibilities, and salary.


As we see more innovative businesses are flourishing over the past decade or two, it is very important to understand how different products are managed and taken to the end customer.

Thus, a steep demand for product managers has been created. These product managers plan and execute product management and are concerned with the product throughout its life cycle.

Many companies are hiring efficient product managers, and becoming an associate product manager is an easy way to become one. Thus, being an associate product manager is an excellent way to a successful product manager career.

This guide covers becoming an associate product manager, associate product manager job description, roles and responsibilities, and salary.

What is an associate product manager?

As indicated by the name, an associate product manager works under the product manager as an apprentice. Therefore, the definition and role of associate product management is a projection of the product manager’s role.

Just like a product manager, a product manager associate is in charge of assessing all aspects of a product and recommending interventions throughout its lifecycle, as and when needed.

Thus, a product management associate is responsible for helping the product manager plan, guide, and successfully deliver the new product.

They can perform all of the product manager responsibilities, but they don’t have to stress about complete accountability. Therefore, this helps an associate product manager to become am an efficient product manager.

What qualifications does an associate product manager need?

One very important requirement in perusing any career is appropriate qualification. So, what minimum qualification does one need to become an associate product manager?

It has been determined that most of the associate product managers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Going higher, some have a master’s degree. But it is not possible becoming one with just a high school degree or equivalent.

It is also observed that experience in other jobs sometimes helps in becoming an associate product manager. These other jobs may be marketing internships or experience as assistant product managers etc.

How to become an associate product manager?

There is no shortcut or set playbook for becoming an associate product manager.

It may be an entrance into product management for a previously experienced project manager, engineer, or customer access associate. For someone else, it could also be the first job out of grad school or college.

Typically, it requires some relevant experience, but many times, the potential is made the priority while hiring for this role.

Researching the products of the relevant company and connecting them with one’s interests is the key to putting in a strong application.

A relevant experience can make your resume stand out more. Some homegrown know-how of the customer needs makes you indispensable.

 Responsibilities of an associate product manager

Responsibilities vary from company to company and team to team. One should investigate first as to what the hiring manager is looking for and what the responsibilities may be. Also, keep in mind that the responsibilities may change with time.

The role should be an introduction to becoming a product manager. One should be supporting his senior managers along with learning as much as possible.

One should develop cross-function relations by interacting with the customers and learning from them.

The start is by tagging along to the more senior product manager and learning from them. This helps one learn the product, the role, the processes, and the corporate culture.

Basic tasks are assigned just as you enter. These include tasks like administrative roles and reporting. Gradually, responsibilities requiring more knowledge of the product are assigned.

Sometimes, an associate product manager is hired with very particular criteria in mind. However, it is a common practice to just hire them and see what suits their aptitude and profile better, or what the other team members need a helping hand with.

An associate product manager may be responsible for a feature of the product or two but they are never usually responsible for the management of the entire product.

Associate product manager Job description:

Other than having the prerequisite education, there are many soft skills of working your way out through the team dynamics, that are included in the job description of an associate product manager.

It is just as similar as the preparation for becoming a product manager.

The job description of an associate product manager depends upon the skills and scope of his role. In some companies, associate product managers are hired to help one or more product managers.

While some hire them as interns, which has lesser scope. The job description is related to the required skills for the associate product manager job. Some of these skills include master time management, communication skills, analytical skills, and decision-making skills, etc.

What are the skills required for an associate product manager?

Other than remarkable soft skills, an associate product manager is required to give special attention to detail. Associate product managers may often be given pivotal responsibilities, if not very glamorous.

These responsibilities require one to capture information, organize it, analyze it, and extract its essence before translating the findings into recommendations and actions.

As for product management, strategic thinking is important; for an associate product manager, more grip on handling the tactical activities plays an important role.

It might not be very exciting, but carrying out these activities accurately and successfully is very important for the product’s success. It is also important for one’s reputation in the organization.

Another important value is flexibility. This is a trait that is required of any product manager at any level.

It requires the capability to bounce from topic to topic, mostly with little notice. But whatever the responsibilities are, time management is of chief importance.

It is not expected of an associate product manager to come, take over, and shake things up. It is a supportive role as said in the definition.

Regardless of what the scope is, some of the required qualities and skills for an efficient associate product manager are discussed as follows:

Communication skills:

One has to exhibit powerful communication skills to keep the developers, stakeholders, and end-users together throughout the product’s lifecycle.  Communication skills don’t only mean being fluent in English.

Analytical skills:

An associate product manager has to analyze the market to develop new product features, ideas, and feasibility. Hence, efficient analytical skills are required for this purpose.

Master time Management:

An associate product manager needs to work within the time constraint, which is the one constant he always has to face.

Time management is the key to a successful associate product manager career and a successful product manager career.

Decision-making skills:

An associate product manager has to decide regarding the user requirements, product features, stakeholders’ recommendations, and developer limitations. He has to demonstrate remarkable skills in decision-making while setting priorities concerning various conflicting issues and requests in critical phases.

Some other skills required of an associate product manager include:


This is the ability to reach compromises, or more preferably, a win-win situation.


It refers to the capability of presenting ideas in a way that is easier for others to receive in the same sense as the presenter.


Fearlessness requires the ability to speak your mind without any fear.


This is knowing that other people also have their fears and no one is perfect.


One should know that anybody can come up with a good idea and that execution is what matters more than the idea itself.


To be able to get along with different people with different backgrounds and different skills. It is to know when to act as a contributor and when to act as a leader.

What is the salary of an associate product manager?

Being a junior team member, one should have reasonable expectations regarding his salary as an associate product manager.

In the United States, salaries are $50,000 at the lower end and around $80,000-$90,000 at the upper end. Overall benefit package and equity should also always be a consideration.

Sometimes, the salaries of associate product managers, depending on experience as well. However, the maturity of the product team and the company’s size, funding/revenue stage are all important driving factors.

No person wants to stay as an associate product manager for decades. Everyone expects to move up and eventually move on to a bigger paycheck.

What is Google Associate Product Manager Program?

The associate product manager program by google focuses on building product leaders for Google’s next generation. As an associate product manager at Google, one will:

  • Lead efforts to launch effective projects in the areas of engineering, marketing, design, and more.
  • Grow professionally and personally through global experience, mentorship, and hands-on experience.
  • Join the large communities of associate product managers, like the many others who have led the most successful Google projects.

The typical salary of a google associate product manager is $135,787 per year.


Becoming an associate product manager means taking on a journey requiring future planning skills and the wish to move up in the project management field depending upon your relevant education qualifications.

The role as an associate product manager gets you started on the career path to product management. This helps build a powerful foundation of knowledge along with product management experience.

Working as an associate product manager is perfect for starting and walking your way up to senior positions in the product management field and becoming more expert in specialized roles such as a product marketing manager. If a product manager is your desired career, then the post of an a

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