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Complete Guide – How to become a great product manager in 2021?

Do you wonder what skills and developments you can make to become a great product manager? You are at the right place.

Indeed, product management is a department performing a wide range of responsibilities, and you cannot be an expert at every task. But, there are some common and essential skills that you should possess to be a successful manager.

If you aspire towards product management, you better prepare yourself to face challenging tasks, develop innovative ideas, and manage a vast team to deliver a product.

From this article, you can expect everything you need to know to be a successful product manager, including essential skills, capabilities, and many more. So, let’s move to it.

What is a Product Manager?

A product manager is a person who deals with many different departures to come up with a unique and beneficial product.

The product manager understands the needs of the customer and what features competitors lack. Moreover, he set a vision and roadmaps for the development of new products.

Furthermore, the product manager focuses on the significant business objective and designs a product that can fulfil it.

A product manager works on new ideas to boost the business and adapt changes if required. Product manager is always up to date with the trends in the market.

A product manager may have different names that change from company to company according to their role.

What makes a Product Manager ideal in 2021?

When you visit different companies and get a chance to interact with varying managers of products, you will understand some of them to possess exceptional qualities that make them successful and great. Moreover, you will witness these three common qualities in a great product manager.

Good grasp on core capabilities

The core product management skills include technical and simple leadership skills, communication skills, etc.

Most product managers learn the basics of core capabilities, but actual development comes with experience and good mentors.

However, core capabilities include prioritizing product updates, organizing product roadmap, making market research, ability to business and technical requirements hand in hand, and many more. They have these skills to help you to become a great product manager.

Powerful relationship management competencies

Communication gaps are real hurdles in the way to success. A great product manager partners with the customers to reach their fullest potential.

Moreover, having the ability to see the product from the customer’s point of view and understand pain points to develop a better product.

 Developing a healthy relationship with customers makes it easy for you to ask for feedback and beta test for the revised product.

Find the right company to work with

Excellent background and position of the firm do not ensure success. Finding the right company that goes with your experience and skill is a chance to thrive as a product manager.

However, the role of product manager depends on the size of the industry, stage, product, etc., the firm you choose to work with matters a lot in your success.

If you want to become a great product manager in 2021, you need to consider your area of experience and skills before choosing a company.

Steps to become a great Product Manager

If you want to become a great PM in 2021 and acquire the above capabilities, you must follow these steps.

These few steps will set you in the right direction to delight your customers with unique products. So, let’s have a look at these steps.

Pursue product management field

People often get confused between product management and project management. However, project management methodologies might help in product management, but these are entirely different fields.

Get thorough knowledge about product management techniques like agile Kaban. These techniques provide the strategic context to make sure developers are working on the crucial aspect of the problem.

Expert the product life cycle

Product life is the essential task of a product manager. A life cycle starts with the vision and ends when a product becomes obsolete.

Moreover, it includes ideation, development, growth, maturity, decline, launch, and sale. Understanding the strategies required at every stage is essential for a great product manager.

The best way to gain expertise in product lifecycle management is to start working with small firms because their product managers have more comprehensive product responsibilities.

Learn marketing strategies

Learning winning product marketing strategies is the key to success. The sale depends on how you present your product to customers and encourage them to buy your product. Marketing strategies serve as the guide to positioning, pricing, and promotion.

If you belong to a business background, you may be familiar with some strategies, but you may need to take some courses if you have a technical background. However, these strategies include understanding the audience and increasing revenue and demand by messaging and advertising.

Learn empathy

Understanding the demands of customers and pain points is a crucial responsibility of a product manager. You need to go in the customer’s shoes what they want and decode the understanding into the actual need.

The best way to become a great PM is through active listening. Make sure that while discussing the customer, you are more focused on listening instead of talking.

Keep interrogating about the standards.

This is one aspect that separates a great PM from an average product manager. To develop an excellent product, keep questioning the standards like why consumers should buy our product? How we can make customer’s lives easier, etc.

Even successful products worldwide become boring when the company stops addressing the issues and bringing new features. For an exceptional PM, the product is never perfect, and standards can continuously improve. 

Choose industry wisely

As discussed earlier, choosing an industry that fits your criteria can be a game-changer for your career. Firstly, you need to figure out which company is best to use your skills. Secondly, try to pursue what you are passionate about.

Of course, it is not easy to find the industry that lives up to your standard, but it is possible by deep research and patience.

Never stop learning

Learning new skills is an investment in your career. The world is making progress day by day and creating new products. If you stick to your old ideas and explore and understand new products, you will fail in any profession you choose.

If you want to become a great product manager, you need to keep learning about new software in your field. Moreover, stay updated about changing trends of the market and customer’s needs.

Study the line of business and industry

Product management is more than just creating a product. Every product must fill the market niche and find that niche; you need to have deep knowledge. However, most of the product managers belong to different fields.

If you are determined to be a product manager, it is better to choose the field of business and administration.

Expect that other essential skills like leadership skills, communication, and analytical skills you can learn on the way to a degree. Moreover, you can focus on attaining technical skills like coding, etc., on becoming more expert in your field.

Essential skills to become a great product manager

A product manager with no skills is like a sleeping cow in the company. A good product manager should always stay alert about the changing trends of the market.

The product manager must have the ability to understand business and product requirements. Here are some essential skills that make a PM great:

  1. Product strategy
  2. Value proposition
  3. Product lifecycle
  4. Data Analysis

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Product strategy

Strategy is a significant part of a product manager’s life. He needs to craft an effective strategy for product development. It will outline the target audience, consumers, and how they will launch and sell the product.

The product strategy guides the entire team about the process and their role in development. So, a good manager knows how to build a successful strategy that paves the path to a successful product.

Value proposition

Being a product manager, you need to understand the value proposition and recurring problems the customers face.

You need to be able to explain the value proposition. Moreover, comprehensively explain to your team the relation of value proposition to the primary goal. Evaluation of value proposition is only possible if you conduct market research.

Product lifecycle

The lifecycle of a product is essential to understand. The product life cycle has four stages, including introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

Being a product manager, you should have a thorough knowledge of these stages and understand to allocate resources based on the stage.  Lifecycle management is an essential skill that every product manager should process.

Data analysis

Deep data analysis is necessary for every field. A great product manager should know how to use the data analytics tools like Google analytic, mix panel, etc.

These analytical tools help make decisions regarding the development process and improvement.

These analyses may include customer reviews, customer retention, and Q/A, etc. Your company may have a data analyst, but you should know what you are dealing with and its requirements as a product manager.


Product management is a vast department that works with designers and engineers to create a new product that lives up to the customer’s expectations.

Moreover, a great product manager knows the market very well and the pain points of the customer.

In the end, we would say product management is a worthy field to step into nowadays. If you follow the steps and acquire essential skills, you can become a successful product manager.

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