Top 10 Best Product Management Tools in 2021

Top 10 Best Product Management Tools in 2021

Are you wondering how product management tools can help you in exceptional planning?

When talking about the tools used for product management by a product manager, we usually refer to a few standards.

The product management tools usually include:

  1. Development tracking tools
  2. Product analytics software
  3. Product road mapping software.

In this article, I am going to share with you my list of tools used by the product manager as me for product managers as you. It will help you compare, contrast, and evaluate the best tools.

What are product management tools?

Product management tools are software programs that help product management teams to increase productivity.

Moreover, pass a product through all phases of its lifecycle, researching and developing critically to launch and assessing different phases of your product lifecycle.

PM tools also help you in:

  • To develop new products,
  • To organize product road maps,
  • To perform data analysis, and
  • To map out customer journeys.

Furthermore, it helps in performing customer research, feature prioritization, and creating replicas.

Product management tools are also very helpful for remote product management teams who need a common, reliable place to research, develop and manage their products.

Difference between project management and product management tools

When we start a career in management, then the first question which makes you sleepless overnight as:

  1. What is the main different between Product Management and Project Management?
  2. What will be my job role as Product Manager?
  3. What will be my job role as Project Manage?
  4. Which best tools availabl for Product managers?
  5. Which best tools avaialbe for Project Managers?

In this section, I will try to solve your doubts.

In general, Product and project management applications are pretty similar. For example, many tools offer different features to help:

  1. both the project management and product management team members
  2. boost their productivity and do team management.

Then the question comes as:

What is Product Management?

Product management is an organized function that helps and guides every step of a product’s lifecycle such as from research and development to positioning and pricing.

It focuses on the product’s sale, purchase and repurchase and plans to improve the product considering customers’ feedback.

What is Project Management?

Project management is the record and guide of processes, skills, methods, knowledge, and experience to attain specific project objectives and fulfill requirements according to the project criteria within conceded boundaries.

It means that if you are performing the role of both as Product Manager or Project Manager or together as Me, you will not have to use different tools.

You will use a single best tool to find features required for project management like resourcing, scheduling, and reporting apace with product management.

In this case, you just need to get a tool that gives you feature such as:

  1. team management
  2. project management
  3. product lifecycle management

tools bunched together, or, rather as separate functions that you can activate when you need them.

Types of tool

There are different types of tools for specific functioning like

  • User tracking and analysis tool
  • Road-mapping software
  • Customer survey tool
  • Recording apps for customer review
  • Feature flagging software
  • Flowcharting tools

Top 10 product management tools

With new inventions and technologies, life is getting easier yet complex day by day for product managers on different scales and different levels.

When you search for good tools, hundreds of options pop up in front of you.

It’s up to you to choose the right tool according to your and your team/organization needs.

Here we have listed some excellent and demanding tools for you. So let’s start.


Jira-product-management-tool- Tech Data Product

It is one of the best project management tools for dexterous teams needing to guide a product from idea to launch and beyond that.

Any life cycle management team will support Jira software features like:

  1. Create roadmaps,
  2. Get scrum boards,
  3. Quick reporting, and
  4. Alterable workflow.

Despite Jira’s well-balanced, useful and features for pricing set, some users may feel hesitant because of some minor difficulties.

For example, column alteration within any given pace can be challenging.

Pros of using Jira

  1. Wide range of application integration

Jira has around 3000 third and first-party applications in the marketplace that combine with the main platform to add further features and functions. For example, Google Drive etc.

  • Cost Effective

Considering functions, Jira is not an expensive tool.

It costs from $7 per month per user, and up to 10 users can use an account i.e. $70 per month for 10 users.  


Api-fuse-product-management-tool- Tech Data Product

When it comes to a technical product manager where you, your team, or your SaaS need a well-organized tool where you can connect hundreds of well build tools, then API-fuse comes as best.

Api-fuse is the best tool for building the product integration completely pain-free.

Simply you need to create your account and select which tools you want to connect and do. Rest task API-fuse will help you in step by step guide.

API Fuse allows product managers to prioritize which combinations should be built and respond to their actual user integration requests without doing an addition to their development pileups.

Product managers at software companies can show their most demanding merges pertinent to their customers in their marketplace.

Think about the pricing side

It is a very useful tool and has many outstanding features. Some people find its price a bit high. It costs $500 per user per month.

Product plan

Product-Plan-product-management-tool-Tech Data Product

If you are looking for software that helps you to create a perfect product roadmap as well as you can share your product store, then Product Plan is for you.

The product plan is a road mapping tool used by many well-known companies like Hubspot and coca-cola.

The product plan is an easy-to-use app that will help you to plan, visualize, and communicate strategy with more than 25 mapping templates.

They not only have product roadmaps templates but also offer templates for lunch plans etc.

Talk About Pricing

A product plan is a good tool to spend. It charges 39$ per user per month. But, for testing, they offer you a 14-day free trial mode to determine if it is useful for you or not.

Product board

product board-product-management-tool-techdataproduct
Product board-product-management-tool- Tech Data Product

You can say as a Product Board is a multitasking tool used by a wide range of people.

It is a product management system that helps analyze what type of audience is and what they require, prioritize the features and unify everyone from planning to QA around your product map.

It is used by well-known companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, etc.

As it solves half of your problem, so it charges a little higher. It costs $49 per user per month. However, it offers you a free trial of 15 days which attracts even more sights.


Roadmunk-product-management-tool-Tech Data Product

Roadmunk is a tool that connects consumers and producers. It records customer’s feedback and prioritizes what should be built and design strategy and roadmaps for further development.

Some difficult formatting and colouring options need design alterations that stop reports of roadmunks from being proper in an administrative boardroom straight off the app.

But, it is a minor problem that may not even seem a problem to users. It is used by many companies like Amazon, slack, and Xero.

It is an affordable tool indeed. It costs $19 per user per month. Moreover, it offers 14 days free trial.

Monday-com-product-management-tool-Tech Data Product is an online product management platform that allows large or small teams to plan, analyze and perform their daily work.

This platform helps teams in clear ownership, tracking, and analyzing from large roadmaps to weekly planning. is an easy-to-use and quick planning platform that allows the team from different parts of the world to work together easily.

This app has customizable templates for any team or stage of product management. Users can add and discard columns or switch or switch between views. is an agile platform that provides value to owners and lets them handle a team of anywhere from 5 to 5000 team members.

It is an amazing platform with outstanding features and affordability. It costs $17 per 2 users per month. Moreover, it offers 14 days free trial. Isn’t it a worthy tool?


Wrike-product-management-tool-Tech Data Product

Wrike is a product management tool used by many well-known companies and organizations such as Google, Hootsuite, etc.

Writing is a collaborative tool with many features that complement the working style of owners and team members.

Wrike supports your product lifecycle, whether you follow the typical waterfall method or agile framework.

Although it is an amazing tool with attractive features, it still lacks some items that outshine it.

For example, it does not allow the user to customize templates according to need. However, it is not a problem for many users.

It can be integrated with Tableau, MS projects, hangouts, etc. it is an affordable and budget-friendly tool that costs $9.8 per user per month.


Prodpad-product-management-tool-Tech Data Product

Prodpad is a product lifecycle management tool that offers a roadmap, product backlog, and customer feedback.

It is a lean product roadmap tool that keeps every team member updated. Product managers appreciate features such as annotated designs, product-specific templates, and realistic user persona.

Some users find searching and browsing capabilities difficult because they are not as well aligned as possible. But, it is not something that should be worried about. It can be solved by regular clean-up.

Prodpad can be integrated with Trello, Jira, azure, slack, and over 1000 more options with the connection of zapier.

Prodpad spends most of its time improving and ensuring that its roadmap solutions, deals, and planning are strong.

It is an expensive little tool. It costs 99$ per user per month. However, it offers a 7 to 30-day free trial for you to determine if it is for you or not.


Airfocus-product-management-tool-Tech Data Product

Airfocus is considered one of the best product management tools. It is an agile tool that provides roadmaps and prioritizing software.

It is designed to build comprehensive and powerful products. Moreover, it is highly customizable, and users can prioritize their opportunities based on their needs.

 It is integrated with Trello, Jira, Asana, and many other software or tools through Zapier.

Airfocus stands out in its ability in rating and ranking features and initiatives of the product inputted by the user himself. 

It is a useful tool for product managers. It costs $29 per user per month. Furthermore, it offers 14 days free trial.


clubhouse-product-management-tool-Tech Data Product

The clubhouse is a very important and helpful tool for the product management department. It is a product management platform for software development aimed to make better products.

It is built for software developers by software developers.  Product managers appreciate features like template storyboarding.

The clubhouse is best suitable for mid-size agile teams. It supports all features that a product manager can appreciate, including integration and solid road mapping.

The clubhouse is a very affordable and budget-friendly tool that costs$8.5 per user per month.

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